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AlvaScan 3D Body Scan

Fashion is not only for models, but also for all different types of body shapes to gain their confidence.
Global body shape expert Alvanon helps you know your body shape in three seconds. Using the 16 deep infrared sensor cameras in TG3D Scanatic 360 body scanner, you can get your own body measurements and understand your body shape within 3 seconds.
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Event content: fill in a survey, change to scan suit, finish a 3-second scan
Incentives: Your body measurements, a set of scan suit


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Alvanon Fit Studio

The Alvanon Fit Studio provides a space for designers and businesses to come and use a selection of our full form mannequins for their fit sessions.
We have a wide range of Childrens, Womens, Intimate and Mens full forms sizes available.


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Experience 3D with Browzwear

In this workshop, we will show you 3d design and development for the fashion industry. Through digitalization, one is able to design, create and see their ideas come to life in a short span of time. Join us to experience this.


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About Us

Shanghai Apparel Experience Center (SHAEC) is collaborative project initiated by the global innovations company Alvanon and the top industry media company The Secret Behind Fashion. It is aimed at building an industry hub that connects and brings to market pioneering technologies and sustainable innovations to forge transformation of fashion industry in China and the rest of the world.

Shanghai Apparel Experience Center Grand Opening 2018



Alvanon is an INNOVATIONS company reinventing the way fashion works. We don’t make clothes, we make clothes fit better. We bring to SHAEC latest technologies, industry expertise and professional development to keep you stay related and forward in fashion and apparel business.

Website: https://alvanon.com

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The Secret Behind Fashion

Founded by Jenny Liu, fashion media expert, China's Apparel Industry Person of the Year, an industry based online media platform, subscribed by thousands of industry leaders and professional insiders across the nation, aiming at providing latest trend and topics, original content about brands, retailers and stories behind fashion.

Shanghai Apparel Experience Center is the offline resource center where our Industry Empowerment Project is actualized. Partnered with 9 leading brands in different fields of fashion, we curate unique yearly S-series Classes, Seminars and Interviews to engage more people from the industry and share unique experience.

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TG3D Studio

TG3D Studio is a team of industry experts gathered to provide a holistic set of technology solutions in empowering industries with insights with regards to target consumer’s bodies. We have one goal and one goal only: To help manufacturers and service providers produce what their consumers want and to help consumers find what they want in terms of fit and style.

We dedicate our team and resources to offer the most economical, efficient, accurate method with the best user experience to transform consumers’ bodies digitally. Paired with our Cloud software platform, all developed under one roof, will serve different needs of the industries from 3D body scans, 3D representation generation, key body metrics extraction and analysis, integration to production and usage of the digitalized assets for retail and advertising.

Website: http://www.tg3ds.com/


Browzwear’s pioneering 3D solutions for apparel design, development and merchandising are the key to a successful digital product lifecycle. Through the power of beautiful, true-to-life 3D, designers, developers, production and marketing can now collaborate effectively to get creative products to market faster than ever before. With Browzwear, brands and retailers around the world are connecting people and processes, reducing iterations and samples, and merchandising garments even before they are produced.

Website: https://browzwear.com/




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